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Our commitment to you

We put the same exacting standards of care and attention in looking after our customers as we do into building our homes. However, we do appreciate that sometimes things can go wrong and so we take complaints very seriously. If you have a complaint, we do ask you to let us know so that we may have the opportunity to resolve the issue for you and learn from it.


Reporting an issue

Although we trust there will be no serious issues after you have moved into your new home, rest assured our commitment to you continues after your purchase has completed. If you need to make us aware of a concern with your home, please email customercare@yorvikhomes.co.uk.

In the unlikely event you feel your complaint has not been dealt with, you may wish to make a formal complaint & you can do this by using our formal complaints process set out below.

Formal complaints process

Should you have a complaint whereby we have:

  • Did not do something we should have done.
  • Completed it but not as you expected.
  • Treated you unfairly or discourteously.
  • Did not resolve the issue within the agreed timescale.

Then please do raise it with us and allow us the opportunity to put it right,

by emailing: customercare@yorvikhomes.co.uk.

We have detailed & robust processes in place to ensure that your complaint will be investigated thoroughly.

The business itself is privately owned by our Managing Director, Matthew Gath.

Our business has one Head Office & we employ Department Managers for each discipline responsible for the delivery of your new home.

We are confident that the relevant individual Department Manager can address all formal complaints however, if you feel your concerns have not been resolved, you can escalate your complaint to our Managing Director, in writing & by post to:

4 Audax Close,
Audax Court,
Clifton Moor,
YO30 4RB

Kindly note, upon receipt of a new formal complaint, it will always initially be referred to the Department Head so that it may be dealt with following our complaints process.

Clients living in our affordable & shared ownership homes should, in the first instance direct any customer care issues or formal complaints to the Housing Association from whom they obtained the property.

Communicating on the progress of your complaint

We will aim to resolve complaints with minimum delay and will communicate updates at the following stages throughout the process: The start date for your complaint will be the first business day after receipt.

  • Within three working days of the complaint start date we will write to acknowledge your complaint.
  • Within five working days of the complaint start date we will write to provide our decision or outline how we will investigate your complaint.
  • After twenty working days of the complaint start date, if we have failed to find a resolution, we will write to update you on each item raised. This will include:
  • Where an issue has been resolved, what action has been taken to do so.
  • Where an issue has not resolved but further time is needed to investigate the matter, the estimated time within which a decision will be reached together with a brief explanation as what further steps are needed and why.
    • If an item is unresolved but remediation work is accepted, what that work will be and an estimated timescale within which it will be completed.
    • A clear summary of what actions have been taken to date.
    • Clear details of what is still outstanding, an explanation why, and the actions that will be taken.
    • An indicative timescale for resolution
    • Where further investigations or remediation has been set out, when the next update will be provided.
    • Where a reported item is not accepted, a clear explanation for our decision.
    • Information about any recommended engagement with the name of any applicable resolution service & or governing bodies.

On addressing all items raised within your complaint, we will write to you to summarise the action taken on each and to confirm the complaint has been closed.

At Yorvik Homes Ltd we take all complaints seriously and regularly review our processes to ensure we continue to improve on our service delivery.

If you are unhappy with how we have dealt with your complaint; then in the first instance, you may be able to refer it for independent review to your Home Warranty Provider, i.e. the LABC.

If appropriate, they might refer you to the Consumer Code for Home Builders who run an Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme (IDRS). www.consumercode.co.uk

The IDRS will follow an adjudication process. This is entirely independent and will consider the evidence provided by the customer and the house builder to reach a decision.

Referrals may only be considered after 56 calendar days have passed since first raising the complaint with us and no later than 12 months after our final response.